03.07.-09.07Moesha 13

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5: » FRI 24/7 » La Douleur Sourde

La Douleur Sourde

The video of Douleur Sourde speaks through the body, an experienced oppression, a dull, therefore invisible pain.

The performer Assetou constructs a monster that represents the unspeakable violence that we overwhelm has a skin color, almost an additional layer that "judges"/"systematizes" and discriminates.

To give energy to bring out all that is within and destroy it.

Created and performed by Assetou Koné

Creative director : MOESHA 13

Production manager : Diane Esnault

Film director : Francesco Garbo

Moesha 13 residency | sonore : Becoming. Existing. | Triptyque | Primoce