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2: » MON 20/7 » sonore : Becoming. Existing.

sonore : Becoming. Existing.

"They employed every means possible to keep us in a state of dependence, ignorance, inaction. But that time is over. Now it is time to reinvent ourselves, power, our relationship with ourselves, with others, with the world, with the sky.

Courage was absent from our hearts. We know it, this word, this feeling, this battle, yet we don’t dare confront it. To seize oneself in order to move beyond the self, beyond idleness and fatalism imposed from above, by I don’t know who.

One day, courage became more than a word. It has transformed itself and taken us with it.
" Abdellah Taïa

A sound documentary by Moesha 13. Visuals by Ali Abdelkhalek ( @Aladdine3000 ).

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