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Moesha 13

Moesha 13


The dgtl fmnsm online residency programme will be concluded by French rapper, producer, DJ and curator Moesha 13, who is an artist and curator of malian origin based in Marseille. She was unanimously selected as artist of the year 2020 on SHAPE Platform.

Moesha 13 creates unique experimental soundscapes with her mix of French hip-hop, hardcore and reggaetón. Her artistic work is characterized by activism and performance, decolonial and feminist practices. As part of her first residency, Moesha 13 will present a new work. She often includes sound documentation and captured material. Social politics intersect with her artistic output. Her hybrid club tracks intertwine deconstruction and a wide range of styles including: rap, gadjicore, trash metal, techno, and more, culminating in a musical aesthetic that is playful and creates a decolonial and queer stage for new soundscapes as well as persona.

With performances at Boiler Room, Berghain, CTM Festival, Creepee Teepee, 3 HD and NYEGE NYEGE and as a dancer in the Hakke Show (United Hardcore Against Racism & Fascism) she already takes part in the international club scene.

After a project collaboration in South Korea she enriched her musical practice during her residency in Uganda.

The music of Moesha 13 has been released on Balance Club Culture, Ashida Park, Nyege Nyege Tapes and Skxrr Recordz.

Existing. Becoming.

Where creating is a post-colonial revolt and a practice in becoming visible.

Post-colonialism research being connected to current happenings, from a disporatic context.

Edited and produced by DJ, researcher and music producer Moesha13.

It’s an audio collage made from snippets of films, songs, speech and her own voice.

"The body became an object of consciousness, dynamic, incurable element of a metamorphosis visible from the inside to the outside. There is only one solution: the struggle. And in all its forms. In the territories where strategies are developed to confine it to certain roles, wherever things are pushed to the point of eliminating it, it is there. The change is radical: fear is no longer frightening. Existence is now conceived only in the form of freedom." Moesha

Marasa is a series of radio essays feat. artists who use alternative research mediums to challenge residual forms of subordination in today’s cultural landscape. https://marasa.cargo.site/Moesha13

DAY2: sonore : Becoming. Existing.
DAY3: Disrespect le Boss - Triptyque
DAY4: Primoce
DAY5: La Douleur Sourde