03.07.-09.07Moesha 13

dgtl fmnsm online residency
Moesha 13 » Website Takeover
4: » THU 23/7 » PRIMOCE lab : Kebra, Fiebre, Turkana


Today I'm going to invite you to my lab that I named PRIMOCE, to see and listen to the works of people in my Bpoc and queer community. Welcome Kebra 🛰🔥 with the track ▶️ klaupaucius_(Mashup_Kebra)_-_Nahshi_x_MC_GW (Mp3; SC). Diáspora. Todx dj de música eletrônica deve compreender de políticas globais.

And welcome DJ Turkana, presenting an ▶️ exclusive mix (MP3, 320k). Don't miss to check out more at Turkana's SC.


And welcome April Lin, Tamara Alegre, Lydia, Östberg, Diakité, Nunu Flashdem, Marie Ursin, Célia Lutangu, Giulia Essyad & HAJ300, showing their video work FIEBRE.

Moesha 13 Residency: Intro | sonore : Becoming. Existing. | Tryptique | La Douleur Sourde