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Beyond Nuclear Family

1) Parental Goals
Barbora Ciprová with Eva Koťátková
2) Gender and Family
Tereza Jindrová with Marie Lukáčová
3) Utopian Family
Karina Kottová with Markéta Magidová and Martina Smutná
4) Family Housing
Veronika Čechová with Vojtěch Rada
5) Absence in Families
Jakub Lerch with Jiří Skála

Chapter 5

Absence in Families

Jakub Lerch with Jiří Skála

Absence in Families, the last “chapter” of the Family exhibition and research project, deals with the decomposition of family into its building blocks and functions. The term of family encompasses a number of rooted archetypes which are disrupted by an absence of both material and immaterial possessions in the context of today. It is this very absence that leads to an atypization of family, its structure and bonds between family members, enabling the formation of new bonds within the family as well as towards the external environment.

“A family is a group of individuals with a common history, present reality and future expectation of mutually interconnected transactional relations. Its members are often (but not necessarily) bound be heredity, legal marital bonds, adoption or social organization of life in a certain stretch of their life’s path. Whenever there are intensive and continuous psychological and emotional bonds between close people, the term of family can be applied.”
Charles H. Kramer, The Psychology of Family

For the Absence in Families chapter, artist Jirka Skála wrote a short story Work in Progress, No Bright Prospects dealing with a family whose origins are a source of concern especially for the father trying to provide for his children. Determination by social environment, absence of cultural capital, value system for raising children in a capitalist society; these topics reverberate not only in the minds of the fictional family.

Jirka Skála: Instagram, pro njch, květen 2020 Jirka Skála: NCSU

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