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Beyond Nuclear Family

1) Parental Goals
Barbora Ciprová with Eva Koťátková
2) Gender and Family
Tereza Jindrová with Marie Lukáčová
3) Utopian Family
Karina Kottová with Markéta Magidová and Martina Smutná
4) Family Housing
Veronika Čechová with Vojtěch Rada
5) Absence in Families
Jakub Lerch with Jiří Skála

Chapter 4

Family Housing

Veronika Čechová with Vojtěch Rada

The Family Housing chapter addresses family homes and shared living space across various cultural contexts. The new audiovisual work created by artist and architect Vojtěch Rada in close collaboration with curator Veronika Čechová is based on a long-term research of the impact of architectural structures on family life. Using examples of particular housing types from different parts of the world and knowledge from the field of sociology and architectural theory, it addresses the influence of the architectural design of a house, in the broad sense of the word as a family living space, on the formation and dynamics of the relationships between the persons living in this space. The main medium to communicate this message is the new interactive artwork simulating the life of real persons who have agreed to share their experiences and feelings from their homes.

For this chapter, visual artist and architect Vojtěch Rada has teamed up with curator Veronika Čechová to create a new audiovisual work showing the ways of life in different geographical and cultural environments. Based on photo and video documentation and authentic interviews with people living in homes from different corners of the world, the interactive application links personal narration and a virtual tour of the depicted places. Thanks to this simulation, the viewers will learn about family life in a yurt in Mongolia, a standardized high-rise building at a socialist housing estate in Prague, or a multigenerational row house in Brooklyn, New York.

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