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Beyond Nuclear Family

1) Parental Goals
Barbora Ciprová with Eva Koťátková
2) Gender and Family
Tereza Jindrová with Marie Lukáčová
3) Utopian Family
Karina Kottová with Markéta Magidová and Martina Smutná
4) Family Housing
Veronika Čechová with Vojtěch Rada
5) Absence in Families
Jakub Lerch with Jiří Skála

Chapter 1

Parental Goals

Barbora Ciprová with Eva Koťátková

How do parenting styles differ across various cultures? To what extent are parental goals and expectations a reflection of social norms, cultural and historical conditions or needs of economic sustainability? Conceived by curator Barbora Ciprová in collaboration with artist Eva Koťátková, the chapter addresses the demands made on children as well as on parents. Their relationship is seen as a complex system of social behaviors and patterns. No parenting style is good or bad – rather it is merely appropriate or inappropriate for the given culture. Its impact on children’s development and their rapport with their parents is examined from the anthropological as well as psychological perspective.

Installation by Eva Koťátková
Photo by František Svatoš

In this chapter, Eva Koťátková reflects on the influences affecting the relationship between parents and children. She sees the frequent mutual misunderstanding as a result of social mechanisms, unwritten rules and various forced roles among other things. She created an installation in the form of a large-sized vertical bed which can be entered by the spectators who can listen to audio recordings of dreams. Whether they are surreal emancipative images narrated by children or looped dreams filled with parental frustration, they share the aspect of personal conflict imbued by external and internal impulses. The artist’s “daydreaming bed” becomes a space for imagination as a radical force bringing us back to ourselves.

Dream examples:

“I’m looking out of the window and a spaceship is floating over our house. It’s overgrown with trees and resounds with strange music. It has a soothing effect on me. It’s telling me I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. My headache stops, I forget all my worries, I’m just looking and listening.”

“I rule the world. It’s not a hard job, I’m just switching on and off the light and pouring water from a can on the ground. Mom’s cooking my lunch for work and dad picks me up in his car and takes me home every evening. There I can watch a movie and have to be in bed by 9 so I manage to get up in the morning and go to work again.”

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