⚠️ Flashing imagery

Some of the things we create are composited bit by bit and stored forever. Other things that we create have a far more transient ‘nature’. These are the things that are -even if rendered through the use of machines- created intuitively and could never be recreated, traced even.
They are symbiotic! 💚

As we learn about the possibilities and limitations of using technology to share our stories.. so do we continue learn about each other. By rendering our ideas and even ourselves through technology, we come closer to understanding what it means to be human.

🔗🔗 Thank you @dgtl_fmnsm, @hellerau_, @shapeplatform, @depart.one, European Union, the German-Czech Future Fund and the City of Dresden for supporting our artistic practice and stimulating us to create new- and strengthen existing connections.

See you on the dance floor 😈

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DGTL FMNSM online residency by
Animistic Beliefs & Jeisson Drenth

Website Takeover
3rd of July & 9th of July

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