HEREJE: EL OTRO, Heretic: the other

🇨🇴 Jewish, witch, witchdoctor, solicitant were only a few of the qualifiers used to denounce, judge and condemn those who deviated from the catholic faith. They were those "others" considered different. People uprooted from their lands, but who managed to bring with them their ancestral practices and knowledge. People who arrived with dissimilar beliefs, all judged equally being condemned by their differences. Some of the previous qualifiers have changed, but some others remain as a sign that the practice of judging others still persists. We judge because they think differently from us, because they have different beliefs from ours. At that moment, and even now, we forget that those "others", at some point can also be ourselves. Let this be a space that allows us to comprehend and reconcile with the past of the city, and to set ourselves free from inquisitorial practices that we use to approach one another.

Text: Palacio de la Inquisición, Cartagena
3D scans: Museo del Oro, Bogotá

Tonight, with our second CACHE/SPIRIT experimental publication, we continue our conversation in interactive time-space 🤖 Jeisson takes us with him on a flight through two photogrammetry scans that he made when he visited Bogota, Colombia for the first time since he was adopted in 1990. We share about belonging, our (cultural) history and our experiences with expressing ourselves using modern technology.

DGTL FMNSM online residency by
Animistic Beliefs & Jeisson Drenth

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3rd of July & 9th of July

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