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Trigger Collective residing at the Synth Library Prague is launching an archive of essential words and sounds as part of their learning and unlearning processes and as an invitation for anyone to join. The first part will be presented during the online residency at DGTL FMNSM.

“Essential Sounds”


“Essential Sounds” is a palette of various sounds, soundscapes and loops recorded by five members of the Trigger Collective with instruments from the Synth Library Prague collection or instruments owned by the members themselves.

For us essential sounds mean also important words and ideas, that are still not being discussed loud enough. We have narrated and recorded few of them during the process as well. You can use this material freely as a sample pack and join us in creating new interpretations and sonic environments. Collaborate, discuss, record ideas, make collages, songs or any kind of sound art using these samples till the end of August 2020. The aim is to release a compilation in early September. Please send your contribution to marie[---A_T---]zvukpraha.cz

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Cover Art: Hol McGowan

This material will become part of the Trigger Archive, source of essential words and sounds that we are building as part of our learning and unlearning processes. This shared library of ideas, that are often being muted, not discussed properly or misunderstood is an invitation for anyone to join the process with us. The first contributions to the archive including "Essential Sounds" are presented during an online residency of Feminist Institution at DGTL FMNSM.