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Institute of Anxiety

Institute of Anxiety


The Institute of Anxiety creates a space for the study of anxiety, which is spreading throughout society and manifests itself through insomnia, stress, alienation, loss of empathy, inequalities, and violence. It is suppressed without success by products of the pharmaceutical industry and intensified by growing social and economic uncertainty. The institute aims to be a platform where anxiety communicates and opens itself to a potential solution and turns into a force that is capable of radicalizing and forcing structural changes in the current state of affairs. The Institute of Anxiety was founded by Zuzana Blochová, Edith Jeřábková, Barbora Kleinhamplová, and Eva Koťátková. Its institutional homes for 2018 were the Goethe-Institut in Prague and the organization Are.

Imagination Marathon

"I was dreaming something I had already dreamed about once, or I remembered the dream in my dream. And there must have been thousands of these fragments! I remember lying in bed after I woke up for a long time, such free associations running underneath my eyelids, it was as if I weren’t in control of them at all, it was something like uncontrollable visual perceptions when your eyes are closed, except these were specific places and stories that made sense, like in a dream, but short scenes only. But I was already awake..."

DAY: TUE 14th July, 12 – 20 o'clock CET.
NIGHT: TUE 14th July, 22 – 06 o'clock CET.
Please follow THIS LINK to open the marathon space during this period.

⚠️ Content Warning: Partially slightly more intense images. A few of the images might disturb or depress you. If you suffer from depression, anxiety disorders or PTSD, you may consider to not watch the show.

Join us whenever during our online 8 hours long session to test together a collection of images that try to name a concrete problem or situation of oppression. But this is not aimed to be a one side process. We are interested in what these images provoke: what are your associations and interpretations of what you are confronted with. We encourage you to react to these images by sharing what emotions they awaken, what words or stories they bring to mind. Your reaction can take the form of a text or a number of other images that you want to share with us. The material collected will serve as an important feedback for our project-in-progress called Futuropolis: school of emancipation which is developed in collaboration with teachers and pupils in regard to create a new pedagogical method. In critical pedagogy such images are called "codes" and their role is to create a visual gate that helps us to enter a concrete theme or problem. We look forward to this collective imagination excercise!

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