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New Aliens Agency


New Aliens is a modeling and forecasting agency based in Prague.

Well-known for the selection of atypical and exclusive personalities for world fashion shows and campaigns, and unique in its holistic approach. It has models that represent beauty diversity and wide spread of the gender range in the fashion industry and commercial modeling. The agency also offers trendsetting presentations and forecasting in creative industries.

,,We stand for positive messages about diversity and inclusivity in modeling and fashion industry.''

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HYPE: presentation

HYPE: presentation, which is regularly seasonly-updated as insight to the most crucial and significant topics and signalls, across the spectrum of the creative industry (fashion, music, film, entertaintment, pop culture, art & culture, …) sociological, anthropological, psychological, kunsthistorical as well as economic contexts. This format has been trusted and verified for a long time with the acquired knowledge, which is very enriching and very useful for audiences and clients according existing feedbacks.

Hype Presentation by PXS, 2020
forecasting sector

Curator: @pxssagat
Music: Zey @liminalz_
Institution: @newaliensagency_

Radical Sustainability Report dedicated to the current climate environmental and societal issues, deep-state of urgency, mixed-realities and utopiaxdystopia feverish dreams mashup still more and more real*