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Display - Association for Research and Collective Practice is a platform active in the wider field of contemporary art. We are interested in how artistic and other research practices can contribute to the understanding of complexities of the world, actions of actors in it and their interactions. We see ourselves as researchers and organizers searching for alternative models of social coexistence and cooperation. Faced with global processes and unexpected social shifts that visibly and covertly change conditions of human and nonhuman life and their relationships, we feel it is necessary to start looking for new forms of activities and communication.

current exhibition

Colour Eating

teaser video by artist Marie Lukáčová

Display´s current project Colour Eating takes its name from Elvia Wilk’s sci-fi novel Oval, in which the changing colour of Berlin street lights is an indicator of the sustainability of life. Here, human experience is medicalised and capitalism spreads as a metastasizing dream of ever increasing production, higher definition, saturation and spectacle. Colour Eating explores the workings of such an emotional economy, moving between appropriation and distortion. The process of ingesting and eating art serves in the exhibition as a poetic and political device. schildie Colour Eating takes the form of an evolving episodic story, playing with ambiguities of language and gaps in the narrative. Turning away from the high-end production, often dominant in contemporary art, the artworks included in Colour Eating employ DIY methods, selfie culture and low cost means of working, partly as economic necessity, partly as a strategy based in the (eco-)feminist, queer and diasporic experiences of an emerging artistic generation. www.display.cz/en/projects/colour-eating

Happy Antibodies Podcast

Four mini-episodes - audioworks / made specifically for Colour Eating, Exhibition as an Episodic Project

Audioworks by Chooc Ly Tan, Tangu (Minh Thang Pham), Denisa Langrová and Kateřina Konvalinová. Artwork by Marie Lukáčová

Podcast Designed and curated by: Hana Janečková
Graphic Design: Jan Novák

Testing podcast as a form through sound, karaoke and some very specific meditation eastern european workout as post pandemic feminist session.

Chooc Ly Tan: Kepler 183 feat Remix 3′19″;
Tangu: How to Sell an Egg 3′26″;
Denisa Langrová: White Flag 3′35″;
Kateřina Konvalinová feat. Jana Chmelařová: I love the way you move. 27′21″

Instagram Camouflage Filter

Free Colour Eating Instagram Filter by Gloriya Komarova aka Tereza Vinklárková.

Visit artists Instagram @glori___23 to download a Coma filter and use it in your Instagram stories.

The filter was designed for the project Colour Eating as a participative artwork entering a flow of contemporary visual culture, raising questions of visibility, camouflage and surveillance.